Welcome to our webpage. Our firm Rodriguez, Rivera & Toro P.S.C. is one of the top leaders in accounting and consulting firm in Puerto Rico. Currently ranked among the nation’s largest accounting firms, RRT is uniquely positioned to impart quality, cost-effective and practical advice to clients. RRT has remained at the top trough unwavering commitment and dedication to do the right for the right people, our clients.

Tax services, audits, compilation and reviews, employee benefit audits, government and municipalities consulting, litigation support, business valuations, outsourcing, management consulting and Information technology are the services that our firm offered through our directors and professionals.

That is the reason that we focus our broad of services in three main areas. TEAM – EXPERIENCE – SOLUTIONS. We are convinced that these three areas and the combination of all, are the right key of success for the services we provide.

We believe that we are unique, both in the way our firm is organized and managed, and most important in the very personal service that our team provide to our clients. The mainstay of our firm’s practice is small and mid-size clients which generally want a close business advisory relationship with their accountants. For this reason, a commitment to personal service has become a hallmark of Rodríguez, Rivera & Toro P.S.C.